Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is This Thing On?

What has happened?

  • Gabriel is 2...TWO! Plus a few months.
  • I have yet another new job....this one a mere 15 minutes from home and with a more flexible schedule. Thank goodness. I now have some weekdays FREE.
  • G starts 1/2 day Montessori School in 2 weeks, more so for the socialization aspect than anything for now. But it's still a great start!
  • This little boy LOVES other kids. I feel sad that he won't have any brothers or sisters. But he alone is the light of my life.
  • He really is a happy little guy :)
  • Buzz and Woody go EVERYWHERE we go.
  • We are potty training. He is a master of pee-pee-in-da-potty, but poop is only for the diaper. Or the underwear. Or the legs of his pajama pants. Yeah. TMI.
  • He currently lives on crackers and air. And a pancake in the mornings. and fruit. And an occasional quesadilla or PB&J. And milk with carnation instant breakfast added to it because PROTEIN.
  • My life is full. Some ups. Some downs. But so so full.
  • I am happy.
  • This was probably not enough information. But there were pictures.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Happens When My Kid Browses the Xmas Clearance Shelves

Yes, it's a little late for a Christmas themed post...but this is totally more post-Christmas-clearance-shopping themed. Should I even feel guilty? No. Because he's my kid. And if I want to dress him in a Santa hat and a small dog costume I can, dammit. 

This is likely not what you had in mind when I said I might post more, but hey, it's a start. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Wishing you all a Happy New Year. 

2011 was a good one all in all. I started it out in a rough state. Not sleeping. In a job I hated. In a marriage teetering on the brink of disaster. But it ended with a full night's (co)-sleep. An awesome job that I love. New friends. An amazing toddler. A somewhat better (though not entirely perfect) marriage. Oh, and that horrid witch of a boss at my old job...she "resigned" two weeks ago. 

Things are good. 

And my new iPad promises more portability and the possibility of more blogging. Maybe? 

...now if I could just lose some weight. 

One thing at a time right?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well. A little late for a Halloween Boo...but nonetheless. Boo. As in, "It's me! I'm still here! Boo!"

All is well. Too well. Too good. Too great. You see, I've always been one of those 'pained' writer types. As it writing got me through some really rough times. Miserable times. Painful times. And now, well, things are good. And I don't have a lot of free time. To write. (and that's just me, I am in no way implying that other people write because they don't have enough to do or are miserable, etc. Just me.)

I love my job. I love my son. My marriage is still in a bit of a broken-down-piece-of-crappy-mess-ish-at-times...but we're plowing on for now.

I guess I could update on a few things.

Me. Exercising. Weight-Wat.cher.ing. I joined a boot camp at work and GAINED 10 pounds, which really pissed me off (no, it is NOT all muscle), so now I'm dieting and exercising and have lost half of what I gained and just have a measly 60lbs to go. Will keep going. Even went to to they gym this morning. Killing me. Loving it.

Job. Love it. Didn't even realize what a bung-hole of a hospital I worked in until I moved on. And I can't believe I'm getting paid for what I do. Also it's a cake job. Because I'm not really busy. Ever. But they seem to think it's busy. So I'm happy to pretend I think I'm carrying a full load, but seriously. I won't even say what a pitiful single digits worth of patients I see in a day because it might make those of you who are actual mid-levels sad and tearful.

(Also I would like to formally report that patients/families/hospital staff are 10,000 times nicer to you when you are wearing a magical white coat as opposed to some s-c-r-u-b-s. That is all.)

And I know you don't care so much about that as you do about this.....

Clearly he was very excited to have his picture made. He has caught on to that and either smiles dramatically OR pouts and runs. Also he needs a haircut.

This is my fantastic, babbling, running, laughing, hitting, hair-pulling, talking, temper-tantrum throwing, pumpkin-loving, little boy. All almost 18-months of him.

He's saying lots of words. And now I totally get how I never understood my nieces and nephews and my sisters would look at me like, "Duh, she just told you she liked that flower." Because all I heard was, "ahwoeowheoshdelses, owah."

Allow me to translate:


"Mommeeee aweaejaoskejfalwseka sssshowah".....Mommy takes a shower in there.

"oooooohhhh....sowah!".....Oh, what a nice FLOWER.

"Hai-oh"....Hair. Otherwise known as "Run! Watch out! He is going to pull your hai-oh!"

"Baf"....Bath. "Bafiiiime"....Bathtime

"ahahahdioahsdhfoasdkfa...Bafiiiime"......Oh great I really love bathtime.


"Oh Wow." <--pronounces this perfectly and uses it amazing appropriately.

"Punkeeee"......pumpkins. Favorite.thing.ever.

"Pah-coool"....popsicle. Never say this word or he will point at the freezer repeating it until you cave in.

"Pizza." <--also perfectly pronounced. Because he speaks Italian. Duh.

"Dick" <--which is really "stick", and embarrassing when he runs around the neighborhood with a stick in his hand yelling 'dick. dick. dick.' Awesome. <--he can say that too.

"Happy" which is never just one "Happy", but always in three, "Happy-happy-happy!"

And there are a zillion more. I am amazed, really, by the words that come out of his mouth every day.

Except when today, just after that picture was taken, he pulled down the front of my shirt and said...."Ooooooh....bewbie." WHAT?!? How long has it been since you partook of the boob my child?

But I also loved that a few weeks ago it started to rain. Hard. And Gabriel ran to to the back door, pointed outside, and yelled, "Pee Pee!"

And he pops out at me and says, "Boh!"

And he is in love with, "Meh-Mo." And he squeals with excitement when we play one of his Elmo movies.

And he still wakes up once or twice a night. And he has been constantly teething for months now (and is now sporting 4 molars and several other new half-teeth working their way out as we speak.)

*sigh* That is it, in a nutshell.

(I totally lucked out with a 6:50 bedtime tonight, which is how I found the time to actually blog. Generally he goes to bed around 8:30. And generally I'm so tired I fall asleep as well. Or else I spend an hour frantically cleaning the house. And then fall asleep) (I've lucked out with earlier bedtimes several nights this week...might this be a new pattern?) (Oh well, the time will change next week and probably screw up all my bedtime progress) (Bye!)
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